Our Commitment for Quality

Water is the most important part of our life. Human needs for clean, safe and pure water has been increasing due to global air pollution. To meet this need, Mindy present itself as bottled drinking water that are safe and pure in many sizes. Mindy can be found in many places such as retail store and restaurants. Mindy is also available to every residential and offices through our exclusive delivery service.

Mindy comes from natural spring that is rich in mineral content, and have been tested for purity through physical, chemistry and microbiology test to meet our high quality standard. The production process is done directly at the site of the spring. Water flow directly into production lines, and then purified using ozonation and filtration. Ozonation is done to eliminate all type of parasites and pathogens that can cause diseases, make Mindy hygienic, clean and safe for consumption. Mindy is packed directly in sterile packaging in order to maintain its purity.

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